Toys for Tats

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Toys for Tats
Blue Blood Studios

Christmas is the holiday that’s pretty much all about giving and that’s exactly what the crew at The Blue Blood Studios wanted to remind us of with their “Toys for Tats” charity event. To collect toys for children at a local asylum seekers’ centre the shop ran on a simple yet awesome formula for a whole day. People could donate toys and get a tattoo from 3 special flash sheets drawn for the event varying from retro toy designs and Japanese lucky charms to a scary, but well-meaning Krampus demon. On top of it all they even had a raffle with original art and prints to be won.

Friends, regulars and first timers showed up with bags loaded with goodies from both toy shops and their cleaned out attics. This had the place packed with customers in the front and an ever growing mountain of playthings in the back.

Of course yours truly had to partake in the action and after ransacking my parents’ place for one of my old Transformers and a huge bulldozer-to-mechanical-mammoth-monster I just picked up at a shop around the corner I dropped by and waited my turn whilst watching artists work ceaselessly on the constantly smiling crowd. My participation finally got rewarded by having my friend Horimasa Tosui add a little hoju or wish jewel to my collection.