Kofuu-Senju publishing

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Kofuu-Senju publishing

Kofuu and Senju are the pseudonyms of Alex “Horikitsune” Reinke of the Horiyoshi family and Matti “Horimatsu” Sedholm. Both artists follow the Japanese tattoo tradition of irezumi, are Zen
practicioners and avid photographers. Their shared profession, interests and a desire for “their kind” of books lead them to start Kofuu-Senju Publications.

Their high quality limited edition books deliver an exquisite look into to the world of irezumi, the traditional
Japanese tattoo, from different angles of the spectrum. Varying from the brush
paintings of master Horiyoshi III and a
photographic journey through his life and the world that inspires him, the rare
unpublished works of Yokohama irezumi designer Osen that were used by Shodai Horiyoshi (Horiyoshi I) to the heritage of legendary Swiss artist Mick from Zurich.

Though having only been around for a short 6 years this humble yet amazing publishing house is one to look out for. Also keep an eye out for their newest project “Koi” on artworks by Wido “Josui” de Marval
portraying the Japanese carp to be
presented at this year’s Mondial du Tatouage convention in Paris.