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HORIHIDE:Celebrating the life and works of Kazuo Oguri”
by Yushi “Horkikichi” Takei

The second book by my good friend Yushi “Horikichi” Takei tells the life story of Japan’s renowned tattoo artist Kazuo Oguri, more commonly known as Gifu Horihide, who is seen as the man responsible for introducing the West to irezumi, the Japanese tattoo and its tradition and imagery, on a large scale.

His extensive travels and
correspondence with international artists, like the legendary Sailor
Jerry, have lead to irezumi being
considered a summit in the world of

The book features 72 never before seen designs, commmendations by tattoo masters like Bill Loika, Doc Forest and Henk “Hanky Panky” Schiffmacher, a candid interview and anecdotes and the complete collection of “Japan tattoo Club” newsletters in high resolution scans. Apart from yours truly playing a small part as an assistant text editor this book, it is a must have for anyone with a serious love for the art of tattooing.