Dutch Comic Con

Week 5 Patrick DCC groot
Dutch Comic Con
Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Over the years comic conventions have become bigger and bigger events. Take the San Diego Comic Convention for instance. Sure, it’s Always been the biggest one around but this one also started as a not too well known get together of fans, collectors and artists has exploded into an annual platform where even future movies and TV-shows are announced. Not to mention the fact that there are even books and documentaries made about its visitors!

Now finally the Netherlands have their own comic convention! Sure, we have the “Stripdagen”, but those mostly focus on European comics. No, we’re talking the whole shebang here! American comics, European comics, Japanese manga, you name it. And let us not forget the toys and collectibles. From the newest, most accurate movie version of your favorite superhero to that clunky robot that didn’t look a thing like it should in those long lost cartoon shows, but still made for the best childhood memories!

All this, people dressing as their favorite characters, replica’s of the batmobile and Back To The Future’s Delorean and a concert by the Misfits as a cherry on top? Man, I can’t wait till next year’s edition!