Devils and Demons exhibit

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Devils and Demons exhibit
Café De Cantine Amsterdam

There’s nothing like some hot and fiery art to warm you up on a winter sunday. That’s what the opening of the
“Devils & Demons” art show at Amsterdam’s café De Cantine did for me.

Hosted by Claudia Hek who, after the “Grande Amsterdam Tarot” and
“Gods & Goddesses” art shows, now let the religious and mythological baddies be the source of inspiration for 25 artists.
Roel Smit, Rudy Faber, Jan Willem, Nia, Amar Goucem, Lina Stigsson, Errol and
others had there pieces on display.
With live music and works varying from a Japanese scroll paintings to a bold
graphic comic illustration and massive oil painting that could have easily been made by one the Dutch masters the show
truly was a hellishly good experience!

So if you have a taste for the demonic in all its facets and glory be sure to stop by De Cantine any time before February 14th.