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Bandana for 3FM Serious Request 

This is a great initiative of my pug crush Beppie and her mom Janna.
They sell custom made dog bandanas and donate all proceeds to the Red Cross’ “Hands off our Girls” charity, which
supports women and girls who have become the victim of abuse in war zones.

To make this all even more interesting all this will be done through the Dutch radio station 3FM’s “Serious Request”
campaign. This annual event has a group of deejays locking themselves in a glass house, located in a square of one the Netherlands’ major cities, for a week. Here they live and broadcast their shows 24/7, living off a limited diet of only liquid foods to raise awareness and funds for a chosen charity, which
happens to be “Hands off our girls” for 2014.

And guess what! Next week Beppie and a
couple of pug friends (myself included of course) will deliver the money she and her mommy raised to that glass house!

buy a bandana!