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3FM Serious Request

Hello friends! Remember those awesome bandanas for charity I told you about? Well yesterday me, my parents, my pug friends Beppie, Bruce and Bowie and their folks got to drop off the proceeds at the 3FM Serious Request glass house in the city of Haarlem.

Before heading to there Beppie’s mom Janna had been invited by the local radio station to come by and give a little interview. I even got to snort my view on the whole matter in the microphone for a bit!

Shortly after we were guided to the slots where people were donating money for the Red Cross’ “Hands Off Our Girls” campaign we were appraoched for yet another
interview! And this time for national radio and TV!!! One of the DJs even took a selfie with me and my daddy from within the glass house!

Our folks went to get themselves a drink while me and the gang searched the floor for what I’m pretty sure was a forgotten “bitterbal”. I ended up not finding it though, but I think I dreamt I did during my nap on the ride home.